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It Depends, our website services start at $1,499 but can increase with each additional implementation and the level of complexity! We offer a la carte services and packages for your website needs. Other factors that affect the pricing of your website are how many pages you need, any special functions required, maintenance packages, and marketing services. Contact us to get started on your website audit and quote.

The length of a project is affected by the complexity of a project! The shortest and least complex projects will take about 3 weeks to complete where the longest projects which may include marketing and extended campaigns can span several months to years depending on the clients’ request! Let’s start your project today, send us a detailed list of what your project consists of and we can provide a quote and estimated timeline.

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Unfortunately, we do not work on websites that are not created by Enk Digital. This is to reduce your risk of costly and extended projects. When Enk Digital creates a project from start to finish we are able to ensure the Enk Digital quality. Whereas we may not be able to provide assurance about a website that is created by another developer.

We offer multiple website maintenance packages! Each package is used to enhance the customer experience when using the website and the client experience when changing and updating the website to fit the business’s current needs. Contact us today to get your website quote and recommended website maintenance package!