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About Dulceria Loca

Dulceria Loca is a passion project created by the team at Enk Digital. The purpose of this project was to showcase our design & branding abilities. We were inspired by our CFO, Priscilla, to create this project as she used to have a dream of operating her own Mexican candy store. So, as a team, we decided to surprise her with our own interpretation of her childhood dream.

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The Dulceria Loca Challenge

When creating the Dulceria Loca brand we faced a significant problem. We needed to create a brand identity for a company that doesn’t exist. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but this project was a surprise gift for our CFO. As a result, we had to create this detailed branding project without any of her input.

What We Did – Enk Digital’s Solution

We decided to approach this project by putting ourselves in her shoes. Our first steps were developing a set of questions that would help us create this brand in Priscilla’s image. Once all of the questions were created and answered we began work. After that, we presented the project to Priscilla and she loved it. However it doesn’t end here, expect to see a grand opening announcement in Q3 of 2022.

Dulceria Loca Project Photos

Creating the Dulceria Loca candy store has been an absolute blast to make. The team at Enk Digital took great pride in creating this mockup for our own CFO. We would love it if you took the time to view the final rendering, and real life result of this passion project. Have your own project in mind? Our team is ready to help! Just fill out our booking form and schedule your free consultation today!