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About Fibercove

Fibercove is comprised of a community of professionals and entrepreneurs who share and discuss great business and startup ideas. Furthermore, it is a local non-corporate coworking space designed for modern professionals to meet, work, create and learn from each other – so you can do more with your time, energy and resources. Feel free to pay their website a visit or schedule a time to get your free day pass and get inspired by individuals living the Fibercove way.

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Fibercove’s Challenge

Fibercove’s previous website was hosted and created with a white-label coworking platform. That platform, unfortunately, didn’t allow for complete customization and control of their website. Therefore, important elements such as scalability, speed, SEO and website design were limited due to the restrictions of the white-label platform. As a result, the limited customization and control of the platform directly affected Fibercove’s ability to rank highly amongst other coworking spaces. Therefore, Fibercove was potentially losing clientele. In other words, they were missing out on money.

What We Did – Enk Digital’s Solution

Enk Digital was tasked with creating a new website for Fibercove. However, it wasn’t that simple. The new website needed to be fast, modern and locally optimized for clicks. Our solution was to focus on optimization first, then the website design. We did research on keywords we wanted the website to rank for. Afterwards, we designed a fast and modern website that had local appeal. After that, we placed the keywords on the new website. One month later, the results were in. Traffic increased by 85%. Website keywords more than doubled. Revenue improved by 8%.

Fibercove Project Photos

Working with Fibercove has been an absolute pleasure. Our team at Enk Digital would love for you to view the photos showcasing the final results of our collaboration with Fibercove. Have your own project in mind? Our team is ready to help! Just fill out our booking form and schedule your free consultation today!